Catharine Retter
Photographs by Natalie Boog

Introduced by Bradley Trevor Greive*

Life is a Zoo takes you up close and very personal to get to know the animals the way their keepers do - as individuals with distinct personalities, behaviours, family backgrounds, quirks and funny antics.

Meet over 50 zoo animals, many of them endangered and some now rarely seen in the wild.

  • Amira the white rhino baby who loves head butting contests with a goat.
  • Kluet, the Peter Pan orang-utan, who will never grow up as long as there is another dominant male around, but loves his seductive best friend, Willow.
  • Chalky and Milford the Groucho Marx of penguins.
  • Orange and Red, two flamingos in need of walking sticks on windy days.
  • Suzy, a belly flopping, killer ballerina hippo, and many more.

ISBN 9780975102381
260 mm x 234 mm
288 pages
Colour, illustrated

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